5 Things I Miss About Living In Nigeria

Nigerians in Canad

Happy Independence day to all my Nigerian people both back home and abroad and kudos to all those positively representing Nigeria in the diaspora. While living outside Nigeria definitely has its perks, certain situations continuously make me nostalgic as I long for even the little things i previously took for granted. Here are 5 things I miss while living as a Nigerian in the diaspora.

1. childcare support

Nigerians in Canada

This topic is a conversation starter for most immigrant parents in Canada. I always look forward to a grandparent visiting as the support they give is immeasurable. To all grandparents, friends and relatives out there supporting new parents, we respect and appreciate you.

2. Street food

Nigerians in Canada

Oh how i miss street food. Suya with garri and cold water, point and kill pepper soup and the steaming street moi-moi that would make you salivate.

3. Great Climate

Nigerians in Canada

There is nothing like a weather that calls for no winter jacket, no scrapping ice off my windscreen and no looking forward to summer because it’s practically summer all year long.

4. Affordable Hair style/salon

Nigerians in Canada

Hair is probably on the list of the most talked about conversations among women. Hairstylists have been making Nigerian women look breathtaking since 1900. Fast forward to our arrival in Canada, they are still making us look beautiful with holes drilling through our pockets. Thumbs up to all hairstylists out there putting in the effort to make their clients look beautiful.

5. Nigerian Food/groceries: affordability

Nigerians in Canada

I miss buying Nigerian food staples especially yam, beef and chicken at affordable prices. As a yam lover, I have learnt to eat in moderation as it is sold at the price of gold in Canada. If you just got your COPR and are on your way here, cherish every slice of yam eat as it might be a while before you consider eating another one.

With all these being said, I am thankful for the opportunities Canada presents. To all my Nigerian people living in Canada, what are the things you miss about living in Nigeria? Comment, like and share.