7 Great Activities To Keep Your Kids Engaged This Summer

Newcomer in Canada

As the extended winter season is finally over and super hot summer season is just around the corner, now is a good time to start making summer activity plans for kids. This blog post brings back the nostalgic memories of summer/holiday lessons in Nigeria, after looking forward to finally been on a long school break, dad would come home and talk about how he had signed us up for holiday lessons lol.

Despite my resistance to these extended school terms, holiday lessons were also a way to dodge home chores such as getting called from your bedroom to the living room just to change the TV channel. If the Nigerian/African parent in you is already thinking of activities to keep your kids engaged for the summer season, I have listed some skill building activities below to get you started.

1. Learn how to play a musical instrument: Whether your child is already taking an interest in playing a musical instrument or you would like them to learn how to play one, signing them up for music lessons will help them to harness this talent. Musical instruments can be taken out on loan for free with their library card.

2. Learn how to Code: It is safe to say the future is code, without coding this blog wouldn’t existing. By signing up your kids for coding classes, they are able to learn digital skills such as graphic design, game making and website development. Coding classes are available across Canada, you are asked to pay what you can when signing up coding classes online.

3. Online Safety Guide: Thanks to the internet we are able to stay in touch with our loved ones across the globe. If you grew up in the era where you had to travel to your rich friends house, sit for hours on end in order to use their landline to receive a phone call from your family member abroad; then you would agree with that the internet has changed the world. At the touch of a button we now able to save time and communicate at the speed of light.

As we all know that the good also always comes with the bad, taking the time to teach our kids on how to safely use the internet is very important. Internet safety resources for kids and teenagers can be found here.

4. Babysitters Training Course: Creating the desired work-life balance can be a real struggle for immigrant parents living in a developed country. With no support like you would have back home, signing your teenager who has shown an interest taking care of little ones would help to support fellow immigrants within your community.

Your teenager would also be earning some money and start learning the skill of how to manage their own finances. This takes me back to when I got my first job as a teenager, the feeling of looking at my bank account and seeing my fist ever pay cheque (I don get alert God win lol) was priceless. I felt like a billionaire and I was on top of the world, no one could tell me any different back then.

Babysitting training courses can be found across Canada here, you can also walk into your local Red Cross and YMCA chapter to find out about courses available. Course content includes first aid skills and how to professionally conduct ones self as a babysitter.

5. Financial Literacy Course: Teaching our kids about money in a fun and educative way would help us to catch them young. It would also serve as guide to making financially smart decisions in the future and maintaining a good credit score. Resources to help meet this aim can be found here.

6. Swimming Lessons: Learning this life skill could save a life and is also a way to exercise, you can enquire about group and private swimming lessons at your local YMCA and recreation centre.

7. Summer Camp: Participating in summer camp activities is a way to help your child build their social skills, make new friends as well as integrate into the Canadian society. Scouts Canada, let’s talk science and YMCA camps are great places to start if you are considering summer day and overnight camps for your child.

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