Job Search Platforms Across Canada

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Although a list of Canada’s job search sites has been listed below, you should also combine your job search with networking. This is because most jobs are unlisted and are usually advertised through word of mouth and personal contacts. Why so? Unlisted jobs advertised through Canada’s hidden job market is cost effective and less time consuming. Just like it is popularly said that you need connections to get ahead in Nigeria, so does the saying that your network is your net-worth apply in developed countries. As newcomers in Canada, it is up to us to build our network in the new environment we find ourselves. This can be done through mentorship programs and also by being active members within our professional organization.

General Job Search Sites Across Canada

  1. Indeed

  2. Monster

  3. Workopolis

  4. Linkedin

  5. Google Search

  6. Glassdoor

  7. Torontojobs

  8. Job Bank

  9. Neuvoo

  10. Alis

  11. Nbjobs

Public Service Jobs

  1. Ontario

  2. Quebec

  3. Nova Scotia

  4. New Brunswick

  5. Manitoba

  6. British Columbia

  7. Prince Edward Island

  8. Saskatchewan

  9. Alberta

  10. Newfoundland and Labrador

Industry Specific Jobs

Information Technology

  1. Canada’s Association of IT professionals



  4. Computer Work

  5. BC Technology

Science and Engineering

  1. Engineering Careers

  2. Bio Talent Canada

  3. Canadian Association of Physicists

education and teaching

  1. Education Canada

  2. Jobs in Education

  3. Canadian Accredited Independent Schools

  4. University Affairs

Health Care

  1. DR Careers

  2. Health Care Jobs


  1. Careers in Wood

statistics and mathematics

  1. Canadian Mathematical Society

  2. Be An Actuary

  3. Society of Actuaries

  4. Statistics Society of Canada

Media and creative art

  1. Media Job Search Canada