Relocating to Canada Soon? Here's What You Should Consider Before Choosing a City to Live In.

Africans in Canada

Congratulations on your confirmation of permanent residence (COPR), now the countdown begins to when you are told the three words you would love to hear at Canadian airports “Welcome to Canada”. Before landing, there are some major decisions to be made and one of them is what city to live in. This crucial question will come into play irrespective of whether you are coming to Canada through the Federal Skilled Worker (FSWP) or Provincial Nomination Program (PNP). Although preferences about where to settle will differ based on personal preferences and circumstances, here are some basic things to consider.

  1. Cost of Living: This would range from daily living costs to monthly costs on things such as childcare, rental accommodation or the actual costs that go into buying a house in Canada. Minimum wage according to province should also be considered when looking at cost of living.

  2. Lifestyle: If you would rather live in a busy city like Lagos rather than a calm city like Ibadan, this preference should be factored in when deciding on your city of choice.

  3. Economy: What does the city offer in terms of job opportunities and are the jobs available in your favour (in your field of study), if not ask yourself if are you willing to change careers. The government of Canada labour market information can be used to find out where your occupation is trending as well as declining within Canada.

Taking time to do some research would help you to make an informed decision. Also note that if you eventually don’t like the city you land in just try and gather some work experience there while you research the place to finally call home. Comment, like and subscribe.