Renting An Apartment In Canada: Basic Requirements

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Now that you already know what to consider before signing a rental lease it’s only fair that landlords, utility and communication companies have their own requirements too (it’s a two way thing). Here are the basic requirements when renting an apartment in Canada.

1. Proof of Employment or a Guarantor: A pay stub or letter of employment shows proof that you can pay rent. If you are not currently employed, you will need a guarantor to stand in for you. This person would sign an agreement to pay your rent if you are unable to. 

2. Security Deposit: The amount required varies depending on your province.

3. References: The names and contact information of people who can confirm that you are of good character and would make a good tenant.

4. Tenant’s Insurance: Most landlords require that you get a tenant’s insurance before been presented with your rental apartment keys.

5. Utility and Telecommunication: As a newcomer in Canada, you might be required to pay a  set up fee as well as security deposit  in order to set up a new account with a utility, cable, Internet or telephone company. This is because you have no credit history. It will be refunded  (security deposit) to you upon the termination of these services provided that you have paid your bills on time and don’t owe any money. You can also use this record to get a deposit waiver from your next utility and telecommunications company. Like, comment and subscribe.