Career options for working Parents in Canada

Newcomer in Canada

Blog post about this topic has been overdue as this is one of the major challenges faced by newcomers in Canada. Long waiting lists and rising childcare costs continue to be the major reasons one parent decides to stay at home while the other parent goes to work. Working parents continue to seek unconventional ways to balance work and family commitments while earning an income.

If you already have child care arranged for your kids and would prefer to work in an office environment, click here for a list of Canada's Top Family-Friendly Employers for 2019. These employers continue to create programs and initiatives to help employees balance work and family commitments. If you are a stay at home parent who would like to earn some money on the side, I have listed some of numerous opportunities for you to consider.

  1. Virtual Assistant

    Working as a virtual assistant gives you the opportunity to set your own schedule and also work from home. Depending on your skill level, some of the jobs available are data entry, powerpoint presentation design.

  2. Customer service jobs

    Working remotely part-time or full time can help you to earn some income while caring for your little ones, there are numerous customer service jobs that offer this option to their employees.

  3. Home Daycare

    If you love to care for children and the thought of spending almost all of your monthly salary on childcare makes you cringe, then this option might be for you. Starting a home daycare provides you with the luxury to watching your children grow while caring for other kids and also generating some income at the same time.

  4. Back-up Childcare

    For most parents, when regular childcare arrangements fail other back-up arrangements comes to save the day. This could be because a child’s daycare has a policy that they should stay home for a few days after a certain illness or their parent is being called in the middle of a work day to pickup their sick child.

    As a back-up childcare provider, you would be saving the day while earning some income. Some of the duties required are school pickup, last minute babysitting and meal prep.

  5. Nail technician (manicure and pedicure)

    It is no secret that ladies love to look good, this option provides a niche for you within your own community. Your level of customer service and quality of work would determine how your client base will grow.

  6. Teaching English as a second language

    As Canada continues to welcome new immigrants on a daily basis, some families may need help with english as their native language is what they are familiar with. There are also opportunities to teach english to students abroad form the comfort of your home, all you need is internet, a laptop, headphones and a can do attitude.

Do you have other ideas about career paths for stay at home parents in Canada? Comment, subscribe and share, I would love to hear from you.