Top 3 Places to Buy Fresh Produce in Canada

Nigerians in Canada

My love for fresh farm produce dates back to my childhood days. Short trips to Lagos by my dad always resulted in goodies scooped up on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway road side happily stuffed down my throat. Oh the stories I could tell you about my relationship with bush meat, garri Ijebu and roasted groundnut. The scrumptious looking just off the branch fresh plantain, fruits and all the other orisirisi (variety) hardly ever lasted a week in my house.

Although a far cry from the nostalgia of fresh produce from Lagos-Ibadan expressway, fresh farm produce can also be sourced within Canada. So if you are craving a similar experience of buying fresh produce from markets in Nigeria, these alternatives are my to go places for purchasing seasonal fruits, vegetables, fresh seafood, meat and poultry.

  1. Farmers Market

    Located in most cities across Canada, a farmers market is a physical retail marketplace where food can be purchased directly from farmers. If fresh and seasonal food is your thing, this is the place to go. Google is your best friend if you are on the look out for one in your city. Just type in farmers market, your city name (farmers market Calgary) and hit the search button. Happy exploring.

  2. canadian farms

    Meal prep for the week, just got better If you are lucky to have a farm near you. The option to buy boxes of fresh juicy mouth watering vegetables, fresh meat and poultry just got easier. Some farms will deliver to your door while others sell produce available for pickup. When in doubt of products available from your nearby farm, pick up the phone and make enquiries.

  3. Butchers shop

    While butchers shops are popular for selling frozen food, some specialize in providing fresh food while most offer both. Butchers are always on hand to share their knowledge about products available, so ask away.

What city do you live in and where do you buy your fresh produce from? Share in the comment box below. Don’t forget, sharing is caring.