Travelling to Nigeria for an Emergency? Here’s what you need to know

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This post has been long overdue, I have contemplated whether it would be a good fit for this platform as we all know just good news is mostly shared in public. I have eventually come to the conclusion that this post might help someone out there after all. As Nigerians in diaspora, we would have to travel back home for one reason or the other at some point in our lives. I pray and hope visits like this would be for joyous occasions such as a relative’s wedding or a sibling’s graduation.

On the other hand the reality of it is that as humans, our existence can be compared to a business life cycle; Introduction ➜ Growth ➜ Maturity ➜ Decline. We crawl, run, walk and eventually cease to exist. I believe everyone of us dreads receiving a call that delivers the dreadful news that we have lost a loved one. For me this was my dad and believe me when I say no matter how old they are we would love for them to live forever. So back to the topic, emergency events like this are mostly unplanned for as we go about our daily lives and might leave us in the red financially while we try to make sense of our grief.

In a situation like this some airlines provide special fares if you have to travel last minute in the event of a medical emergency, death or imminent death of an immediate family member. Documentation is usually required to backup your claim and also to prove that you are related to the person in question. To get a price quote for this special rate reservations must be made by phone, it is also wise to shop around for normal airline tickets and compare prices. This is because you might get a better deal than the special rate quoted to you depending on the time of the year. Some airlines would also issue you a refund of the difference in rate if it is above the bereavement rate offered if you have already travelled. Application for a refund should be made on time so as to meet cut off date as specified by airlines. Application for a refund can also be issued at the discretion of an airline or hotel for future reservations made for a relative in the event death or medical emergency.

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If you are grieving the demise of a loved one, I cannot say I know how you feel but I can say take it one day at a time. They are probably looking down at you, smiling and are proud of the progress you are making so far. Comment, like and subscribe.