Want To Buy A Baby Stroller In Canada? Here's What You Should Consider

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I arrived in Canada with my perfectly ok baby stroller (or so I thought) but hey I wasn’t ready. Why? The tires were small and would find it hard to navigate through Canada’s snow (winter) season. I literally saw it as a David and Goliath situation…..I mean my small stroller tires against 45cm of snowfall..what are the odds? As winter drew near, I researched tirelessly for a solution to make daily commute without a car bearable. Fortunately we were able to source a car before the snow started showing itself. So if you don’t drive and are expecting or already have a little one, here is my advice for you based on research.

1. Buy a stroller with big fat rubber tires that can ride over the snow fairly easily (except you live in Vancouver).

2. Consider buying a heavy-duty stroller, it’s not as light as the regular ones but you’ll be sure the wind won’t blow you and your little one away.

3. Consider buying a jogging stroller, unlike traditional stroller they are more sturdy and mostly have super sized wheels.

4. Make sure it comes with a stroller/rain cover, if not buy a generic one to go with it. This will provide a good windshield for your baby during the winter months. Like, comment and subscribe.